Larry Hammer Challenge Coin

Retired Fire Captain Larry Hammer Jr. was a devoted husband and father. He was loved by all of his friends and cohorts. Larry worked for the Fountain Valley Fire Department from June 1988 to December 2011. After retiring and pursuing his passion for life, Larry was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Larry’s cancer was presumptive due to the multiple exposures he had over the course of his career, and he was laid to rest earlier this year (2016). In honor of Larry Hammer Jr., our union (IAFF Local 4530) has created a challenge coin to commemorate the legacy Larry left during his time with us.

We invite you to join us in support of Larry’s family and his son’s future education endeavors by purchasing a challenge coin. This particular coin was made in honor of Larry Hammer Jr. and the legacy he left behind. The money raised will be placed into a college fund for his son Jonny who will be attending college in 2020.

The fire family is a tight knit group of people that start their career in the fire service as individuals and ultimately inherit a second family and the traditions that coincide with the tremendous honor to be a part of this family. We were all blessed to have Larry in our lives, and we vowed take care of one another. We do this not only in the course of our duties, but also extend this to our families in tragedy. Larry’s retirement plaque had the quote “first in, last out” because he was as selfless of an individual as you could ever find. We thank you for the support and we look forward to continuing Larry Hammer Jr’s legacy through our actions as a fire family.

What is a challenge coin?

Challenge coins first emerged in the military during World War 1. Shortly after, they became a popular commodity in the military, and the fire service quickly adopted the concept. The fire service has always been a paramilitary organization and has close ties with the comradery and brotherhood that can be found in the military. Coins are now recognized by many countries around the world, all branches of the military, congress, and even the President. We keep our challenge coins on our person in solidarity at all times and we can be challenged to furnish it at any time. By purchasing a coin, you can challenge any organization that has a coin and also be a part of a great culture and even greater cause.

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